Yoga and Mindfulness for Employee Wellbeing

Yoga is an ideal way to introduce team members to movement and new self-care ideas whilst promoting engagement at your workplace.  Mindpod offers a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your organisationals needs and ensure the classes fit with your workplace wellness goals. 

When you engage an experienced and qualified yoga teacher, you can expect:

  • A teacher who believes that yoga is for everyone. Our programs are designed for all bodies and are suitable for any age and fitness level
  • A individualised program tailored to your organisation's requirements
  • A range of options including breath work, gentle movement, energising flows, stress management and relaxation, yoga philosophy and mindfulness meditation
  • A teacher who is trauma-informed with additional qualifications in counselling and group facilitation 

Classes can range from 30-60 minutes and can be made suitable for all locations. We also provide workplace resources after the program to encourage continued wellbeing.

We had Mindpod deliver a daily yoga and mindfulness movement workshop at our recent staff conference. It was a perfect partner to the clinical lectures and many of the delegates said it was the highlight of the program. It reinforced how important it is to take care of ourselves in this profession
— N. McDougal, Nurse Manager

Contact us for more information on delivering these programs in your workplace or at an upcoming team event.