Work should be beneficial to mental health and overall well-being. It's a place to develop skills, and enjoy a sense of purpose and identity. Good human resource practices can strengthen workplace relationships, increase productivity, decrease stress and help employees and managers increase their competence. Furthermore, in workplaces that provide mental health support systems, workers compensation claims are halved compared to the national average (Beyond Blue, 2014).

Mentally-Healthy Workplace Services | Increase employee productivity, retention, wellbeing and performance in your business. We can support you to:

  • Develop a organisational policy and annual goals for creating a mentally-healthy working environment 
  • Understand your WHS responsibilities in relation to minimising work-related stress and other psychosocial hazards
  • Review and refine your human resource systems as part of a mentally-healthy workplace strategy
  • Design and implement mentally-healthy workplace activities
  • Deliver targeted and measurable workplace training programs (see below)
  • Strengthen the capacity and confidence of your team with psychometric profiling, communication training, one-on-one coaching programs and confidential workplace counselling services.

Workplace Training Programs | Training, coaching and culture development is a key component of a mentally-healthy workplace. Our workshops range from 90 minutes to a full day. They can be delivered from 2 - 25 people, however 10-15 is recommended for an ideal learning environment. Your investment in team training includes the facilitator's expertise, learning materials and follow-up support. Seminars and lectures for larger groups can be arranged. Our most popular topics include:

All Staff:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Interpersonal communication for a healthy working environment 
  • Conflict resolution and rebuilding relationships after conflict
  • Managing stress and compassion fatigue
  • Assertiveness series 
  • Mindfulness and yoga tasters (ideal for staff retreats and wellness days)
  • Mental Health First Aid: supporting your colleagues, friends and family

For Leaders and Managers:

  • Developing a mentally-healthy workplace (includes WHS Act requirements)
  • Mastering performance management and coaching conversations
  • Handling conflict between team members 
  • Creating organisational values and behavioural competencies with your team 

Contact us for more information on our consultancy services or team training programs.